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  • Every reader/user shall present his/her identity card while entering the library or on demand by the Library staff.
  • Every reader/user entering the library should deposit their belonging at the property counter.
  • Sign the register kept at the checkpoint, while entering the library.
  • Show the documents, which are being taken out of the library, to the staff at the checkpoint.
  • Book lost by the borrower have to be reported immediately in writing to the librarian, falling which fines will keep on accumulating, PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR WAIVER OF FINES. Replace the book within the time Permitted.
  • Loss of borrower’s card has to be reported immediately in writing.
  • Each borrower is responsible for the book issued on that card, so a borrower is requested not to lend his card to others. Collect your library card without fail after returning the book from the circulation counter.
  • No due certificate will be issued at the end of Academic year.
  • Change of Department, Status, Address etc., to be informed and the card corrected.
  • Book should be handled with great care and mutilation of book in any manner will be heavily fined.
  • Keep the library clean.
  • Loud talking, conversations, etc, are strictly prohibited in the library.
  • Use of Mobiles within the library premises is strictly prohibited and penalty of Rs.100/- will be charged if mobile is carried inside the library without switching off.
  • Use the dustbins provided in the reading area.